I am twenty-three years old, and live in Singapore. I am in University now.

Three things you need to know about me are: I like to run, I like to read and I like to write. I keep these three close by like a single mother raising her children. I nurture each carefully and as these passions grow, I grow alongside as well. I also cook but I only do pasta.

I read to imagine a world outside my own. In fact, I read to imagine myself in these worlds; with my hopes and fears and a cat on my lap.

I run to immerse myself in my world. To feel alive and present. And to be by myself.

I write to create a world inside myself. I take what I know from my adventures and I come up with things and I write them out. It’s not easy, but with enough practice I managed to get this blog going. I hope it’s of some value. I’m sorry if it’s literally all about me. I think all writing will always tend towards self, so I meet new people through their writing as well.

Contact me at justingxong@gmail.com and we can talk about good writing and running and pasta.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Just a suggestion! You might want to consider doing away with the dropdown menu on your navbar. Some of them run quite long and require some scrolling to reach the bottom. It kind of mars the overall aesthetic imo.


    • Ok I get your point! Perhaps now I don’t have that many posts yet then maybe I feel it hasn’t overcrowded. But for now I’m just trying out I guess. Going to change when I deem fit 🙂


    • Hello! I followed because I was struck by a brilliant coincidence; that one of the main characters in a story I am writing is suffering from Alzheimers, and that your blog is precisely about that. I will be reading through your blog for stories and reflections pertaining this, I really hope you won’t mind 🙂


      • Not at all. I wish you well in your writing. I volunteer at the long-term care facility where my mother lived for two and a half years, precisely to support people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia s. And my intent is that other people “see” them – because all of us still matter (whether we have a dementia or not). Thank you for writing about Alzheimer’s.


    • Gosh, I’ve read all his books. My favourite is Kafka on the Shore, and I’ve even watched the play. it’s quite the story, one that keeps you in askance, doesn’t provide answers yet keeping you firmly strapped on for the ride. Classic Murakami. What’s your favourite book, may I ask?


      • 1Q84 is my favourite so far. I also like Norwegian wood. Kafka on the Shore truly tells who Murakami is and his writing style. i have read some of his novels and short stories. I even took a class on Murakami’s short stories collection when I did an exchange program in Japan. Although his books are surrealistic and mind-twisting, they are all on – point. The more I studied and read his books, the more I like him. One more thing I have found out after re-reading Norwegian Wood is that it is so related to the song “Lost Star”. Am I off topic, hahaa!


    • I recently read two of her works, Hard Boiled and Hard Luck and Kitchen! What can I say… I was blown away. I think honesty is very hard to find in writing, and she encapsulates just that, and in such finesse as well. Something about Japanese writers maybe, though I’ll need to read more to find out! It’s so intriguing that they deal with similar themes like death and loneliness. I especially love the ending for kitchen haha. It’s the sort of love we all look for.

      Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Hello! I am Joy, an ex project director of the day project, an OCIP team. I’ve read your posts since last year and I really love it. This is really not a spam but I’m really genuinely inviting you to be on board for the OCIP team that is setting off during May, this summer. If you’re interested, pls email to NUS.tdp2016@gmail.com. This is really really not a spam. You can check out our Facebook, the day project 2016 for more information and verification.


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