She Captured a Feeling, Sky Without Ceiling

I thought about what to write for a long time, and this is not usual for me. I usually just go with whatever comes to mind and it works out. Well, most of the time it does. Maybe everything I write now comes out strange, because a big part of me thinks that this is also for myself, for the road I want to embark on may turn out to be pretty similar to yours. Maybe we aren’t that different at all. But I oversimplify. And besides, this is hardly about me.

You’re going to New York. Make no mistake about it.  Most don’t go as far as this, because most don’t dream the way you dream. You dreamed of a vision where you conquer and attain. I think I’m oversimplifying again, but somehow I have the notion that most dreams are like that. You are up against seemingly insurmountable forces and so have to overcome in order to attain a goal you really want. I think you can fill in the blanks. And once you fill in those blanks it’s good to observe that not many people have these blanks to fill in. In other words, not many people have such dreams. In fact many people go through life not knowing what they’re good at, or are supposed to be good at. Most don’t find that one thing in life they’re willing to take a plane halfway around the world and fight for. And this makes your situation a precious one. That you even have a dream to hold on to in the first place is remarkable.

You can’t waste something like this. You can’t sit at home and think of ways to ‘be realistic’ with your life because what is deemed as realistic has long since vanished when you stepped on that plane. And when I say you can’t waste this, I don’t just mean this one opportunity. I’m talking about talent. I’m talking about dreams. I’m talking about how all these elements converge at a precise point which just so happens to be you; a convergence that skips generations and doesn’t come back if you hesitate just once.

Perhaps it’s easy to think of all this as a happy coincidence, but I see this as fate, or at least some variation of it. Not fate in the sense that things will work out for sure. In fact, things are anything but certain. What I mean is fate, in the path that you have been pushed towards steadily, whether by your own doing or by forces greater than yourself. Either way, this path is to be respected, and pursuing it is going to take everything you’ve got, every last ounce of energy and verve.

Anything I say beyond this point is going to sound more cliché and vague than it already is. I hope you encounter the best and worst of New York, and make brilliant of both. In the end my wishes, though long winded as they usually are, can be mercifully summarised: be brave.

This is a letter for a friend who’s leaving on exchange to study film. In many ways I hope I get to do the same with writing. Only time will tell. 

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