51 Things to be Grateful for Before School Starts

  1. I have a 1 litre water bottle that holds its own.
  2. I have a room to sleep in.
  3. The water pressure in the shower is perfect.
  4. So is the warmth of the water; just impeccable.
  5. Thirsty hippo is in abundance where I live.
  6. My suite mate got me a Filipino snack.
  7. There is a lift that goes up to my floor.
  8. I have fingernails.
  9. My watch is working (since 2013!).
  10. I have friends that judge me less than I judge myself.
  11. I got some articles published over the summer!
  12. I can run and jump.
  13. But most of all, I can run and that wasn’t the case one year ago.
  14. The morning and evening sun does not affect me due to the orientation of my room.
  15. I have parents that check on me.
  16. I have a brother who is probably smarter and more sociable than I am but doesn’t know it yet.
  17. The lights from the distant buildings look magical at night.
  18. Tap water is safe to drink.
  19. All my friends made it through summer okay.
  20. My family made it through summer okay.
  21. Sheng Siong is a 10-minute walk away.
  22. My bones are not broken.
  23. I have a female physics professor who tells us that anyone can do anything if they are willing to acknowledge the stereotypes and fight them.
  24. The air is cool in the morning.
  25. There are songs I can be sad with and songs I can be happy with.
  26. I have stories waiting to be written.
  27. I know what my passions are but also know never to settle.
  28. Working life looks dreadful, but I am still in school.
  29. My leg hair isn’t too long/curly.
  30. I have my own values (surprisingly) and I stick to them.
  31. I am not afraid during a thunderstorm.
  32. Long walks.
  33. Singing in the shower.
  34. I am happy to call Singapore home; not always proud, but always happy.
  35. I have friends that know what’s best for me, even if I am afraid to admit it.
  36. Pickles and strawberries! (Of course not at the same time)
  37. Supermarkets sell all sorts of things and you can walk through them for an hour just looking and thinking.
  38. I can hold chopsticks properly.
  39. I read slowly so I don’t miss a thing.
  40. I can stand up for myself when someone attacks my ideals.
  41. Plain food is fine, as long as it’s food. Basically, I am not a picky eater and it helps in many situations.
  42. I have friends with various food preferences, who, instead of limiting my diet, show me an array of alternative diets I would never have considered before.
  43. No one can force you to do anything you don’t want to. Consent still lies with you.
  44. I am eager to learn.
  45. Youth is on my side and I will not let it go to waste feeling lousy about myself.
  46. I am able to stand up for my friends if someone takes a piss on them.
  47. We have each other.
  48. I do not see a point in comparing, we are all different, and thankfully so.
  49. I always seek to improve myself because no one else will be there for you more than you.
  50. No matter that happens this semester, I know I will be okay.
  51. Also, I know we will be ok 🙂

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