“February came along, steadily eroding the staunch resolutions we had swore to uphold during the New Year. These resolutions were merely fuelled by novelty rather than any innate desire to be better people. The idealistic notions of being better friends, siblings, parents, children, lovers and ultimately, people; these resolutions could never be marked down and constrained to a date on a calendar. We tend towards these ideals out of our own volition, out of our own willingness. A date is merely an impetus, an empty shell wrapped about unmotivated souls, living each day unappreciative, careless, hurting those around us anyway. Resolutions are for the disillusioned. We become better people because we want to, not when a date tells us to. That was the message February held for me.”


I am writing a lot this year. That is the one resolution I could keep. I hope something comes out of it, I really do.

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