Some Things I learned from This Week

1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

2. You always have a choice.

3. Feelings will always, always outweigh logic. Try to fight it, and you’ll be unhappy.

4. Don’t leave things ambiguous. A no is a no.

5. If you don’t speak up in class, someone else will.

6. Friends will be there, if they aren’t there, they aren’t friends. 

7. Writing is the easiest thing and the hardest all at the same time. It’s like love. Maybe it is love.

8. People leave, and you have to deal with it the best way you can.

9. Milk and cereal is all I need to feel fresh in the morning.

10. People have all the right to criticise your personal choices even if it doesn’t affect their lives. It’s only up to you to defend yourself.

11. Chinese New Year is coming and I think I know what I will say to my relatives this year.

12. I will tell them: “I want to write.” 

13. Being alone for the whole day with a book at the poolside feels like the lightest thing in the world.

14. I am looking forward to the wonderful ways the weekend will challenge me. Bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Some Things I learned from This Week

  1. 3. “People’s thoughts don’t always match how they feel. That’s why they sometimes make decisions that may seem nonsensical.” –random anime, not the intellectual stuff that you read but they churn out some rather profound stuff once in a while ^^

    6. Not necessaily. I’m struggling to accept this as well, but some things are just a matter of timing and factors that are outside our control. Understand that friends are bound by circumstances of another world of which you’re not part of, and from that do not hold it against them if they aren’t able to be w you emotionally through your own down days. Believe me, if they’re your friends, they’ll care about you, but life gets tiring for them too you know and they can barely deal with themselves, even for the people you hold close around you. And if you look at it differently, maybe that’s where growth begins, when we find ourselves facing odds and feeling so irrevocably alone.

    7. Maybe because writing is you. In writing you find yourself, but you also lose yourself.

    14. All the best, thank you for the interesting read. Chanced upon your cny article on facebook (: hope you don’t mind my input haha take w generous pinches of salt


  2. 6. I disagree with this one, because friends grow apart, yet they shall always be there for you, only if and when one is open to that knowledge. As we grow, mature and learn through the journey of life, there comes a time when one chooses to eliminate certain friends in their lives due to their toxic ways, yet that is not to say they would never be there for their toxic friends.
    I find it amazing that you wrote a blog about the things you learned as a way of reflecting. Very creative and smart! Hehe 🙂


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