Three Thoughts on Week One

The higher you live, the more opportunities you’d be exposed to.

Why is this so? It’s simple really, and you’ll have to step into the lifts to understand this. When you live on the higher floors, strange things happen in the lifts. Firstly, you’d be exposed to more human influx. Inevitable, because it takes more time, and way more floors are passed on the way up. So if you live on the 7th floor, you’d be meeting less people on a daily basis than if you live on the 17th. It may not make much of a difference if you look at each elevator ride individually vis-a-vis the entire day, but if you place it on a larger canvas, of say, an entire semester, you’d be talking about approximately a thousand elevator rides, and that would be a thousand chances of exposing yourself to more people being ever so subtly extinguished.

And also, living on a higher floor allows you more time to look through all the posters stuck on the walls of the lifts. They announce different CCA’s, events, and basically a throng of opportunities to place yourself out there. Miss these bulletins and you’d be missing out on a huge chunk of college life. Word of mouth and Facebook posts do make the cut sometimes, but there is a certain romantic notion behind chancing upon your passions during those leisurely elevator rides. Again, the chances of that are subtly narrowed the moment you live on a lower floor.

Of course, the moment a fire breaks out on campus, all the above arguments tend to burn spectacularly to the ground.

Say no to spicy food

To me, eating spicy food is like talking to the ex-girlfriend you thought you still had a chance with. It seems like a good idea and the food actually looks appetizing until you place it in your mouth and realize why you had avoided spicy food all along. The hurt isn’t worth the revisit, but somehow we put ourselves through it again and again.

Thought of this when I suggested Thai food for lunch with the folks. Man, it was quite the burn.

(Of course, I’m a sensitive little crackhead when it comes to chili, so this only applies to the likes of me.)

Always be contented with yourself, but never with your situation

Here comes the deeper end of this post. I’ve always thought that to improve you’d have to look down on yourself and constantly degrade your abilities. I did this a lot back in JC until it dawned on me that the whole idea of self-degradation is very exhausting.

Meeting a lot of cool and talented people for my first week of school has shown me that you can be out of your comfort zone but still be contented with the person you are and the abilities you carry around with you. It’s quite evident in the way a lot of them carry themselves around. It’s sort of an innate competency thing you have to believe you own; because let’s face it, if you don’t believe in yourself nothing will ever be done to the best. You’ll always cut yourself short and feel like you were never meant to be good enough. You either believe and achieve or look down on yourself and remain mediocre. There’s no third option for these things, I feel.

Of course, the part that makes more sense is the feeling that I’m nowhere near where I want to be. My current situation is something I’d never be fully contented with; a lot of my dreams are left unfulfilled; ideas are sill wedged deep in my mind waiting for some avenue of release. Sure, I’ve done some cool stuff but there’s so much more stuff I haven’t done that I’d like to do. I just don’t feel like I’m anywhere near what I want my future self to be like, but that’s ok (“I’m a work in progress, but that’s ok” is the quote that comes to mind).

It’s important that I don’t confuse the idea of “self” with the situation I’m in. I can be unhappy with my situation, but never, ever with the person I am. I’ve promised myself that many times, because you only have one life to be yourself, so to be unhappy with this person you are would be greatest disability one could harbour.

So yes, be happy with who you are, but never be contented with where you are.

2015-08-15 21.36.13

Also, this quote.

Ok. Week one is over, and honestly I’m still not sure what to expect from the coming weeks but here’s to hoping for a smooth ride (as if that will happen).

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