Feels Like a Coming of Age

University is about to start, and I am about to embark on my first university camp. Feels unreal? Yes, it sure does. After being away from the reality of studies and civilisation for two years, it sure doesn’t feel like this is actually happening.

A good portion of the last two years have been spent listening and carefully analysing the stories and advice I’ve heard pertaining to this strange place called uni, one that I was semi-glad I had no part to play in. I guess every negative story I heard I just conveniently amplified so that I’d feel less sorry for myself whilst in the army.

But now it’s time to get a move on. Time for me to cling on to a different set of life values and work ethic, make new friends and have a new set of life challenges slapped upon myself. It’s time to grow up and do what I want. Hopefully this will ring true in the course that I’m going to. Even if it doesn’t, I hope I have my own way of adapting. I hope army has left me with at least that one attribute, the power to adapt.

The empty feeling of anticipation is strong yet based on very little, for I have no experiences to speak of yet. I start on a clean slate and am eager to remove any preconceived notions and burdens. I think of myself four years ago, walking with my secondary school friends at the CBD area the day before JC orientation. The water of the Singapore River was calm and we gazed into it, letting it wash away the burdens of yesterday, wash away any doubts we had about ourselves as we welcomed this new phase in our life. We did this while standing beside the friends we knew would remain with us nevertheless, and it felt so right.

I’d like to think back at that moment as I stand on the edge this transition. Think back at how we cannot stand still in life. That like water, what seems to be staying still is actually in constant, subtle motion. Phases will pass and people move on, but alas, I hope that the people who have journeyed with me will keep me constantly reminded of the things we did, and that I can look forward with confidence to the things I’m about to do.

With that, here’s to an (hopefully) amazing time in university 🙂

3 thoughts on “Feels Like a Coming of Age

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